Many people always like to think of travel as a luxury. Just like buying an expensive luxury item, there is a lot of thinking, too many trade-offs, and too much emphasis on the design of the travel itinerary, the selection of tourist destinations and attractions, and the evaluation of the value of attractions and ticket prices. Paying too much attention to how much you can gain from a trip and traveling with a punch-in mentality can easily bring people a sense of loss and fatigue.

But in fact, travel is a way of life and attitude to life. You have to let yourself enjoy the feeling of being on the road, discovering people and things in unfamiliar places, and listening to other people's histories and stories. Let yourself integrate into the society and life of the travel destination, feel the different rhythm of life and humanistic atmosphere, and feel the beautiful moments.

Traveling will inevitably make you more independent and confident. You'll realize that you can deal with a lot of unexpected situations. You will find that you can solve problems on your own without the help of someone at home. You may find that you are stronger and braver than you thought.

Traveling will increase your tolerance. Sometimes travel is not all sunshine and beautiful views. Travel can test your patience and build your tolerance, from canceled flights to bad weather, which can get downright frustrating at times. You have to learn to accept certain situations that you cannot change. Once you get home, you'll find it easier to deal with problems without overreacting, and obstacles don't seem so difficult.

Travel is not only about poetry and distant places, nor is it just to escape the hustle and bustle of life, but more realistically, it broadens your horizons and improves your realm. When you travel, you will meet all kinds of people and their way of life and values. Your vision will change subtly, your body and mind will be stretched, and you will start anew to meet and understand life better.

Travel is about experiencing beauty. If you put too much emphasis on external things, travel will not see poetry and distance. Travel is not an antidote, nor a time machine to escape reality. When you organize yourself, embark on the journey, enjoy the beauty of freedom, and maintain a heart that is always on the road, this is the best awe of travel and life.