Whether it is a leisure vacation or a daily trip, having a bag that suits you can greatly increase the fashionable temperament effect, and can also help you accommodate a lot of things, which is very practical and easy to match.

When you need a backpack in the fall, consider a woven bag design. The woven bag is cute in shape, with super high compatibility and practicality. The weaving process allows ordinary materials to exert great fashion power. It can be said that it is a must-have style matching item.

The characteristics of the woven bag are casual, and it is very suitable for a variety of clothes. Woven bags can be paired with everyday casual clothing or with some more high-end dress types. If you also want to know more about the matching of woven backpacks, let's take a look.

The characteristic of the woven bag is that the material is special. Portable weaving or crossbody weaving has a variety of designs to meet everyone's needs for backpacks. Not only that, the woven backpack can have a variety of color choices, you can use the classic brown line, or you can choose the style that is spliced ​​with the color line.

1. Woven bag with jacket

Many coats are great for combining light and dark colors. When we wear a dark coat with a khaki woven bag on the back, it is perfect for traveling or commuting.

2.Woven bag with denim elements

Autumn is probably the best season to wear denim elements. Jeans are paired with solid-colored tops, which are simple and comfortable. The three-dimensional version of the denim jacket can modify the posture. The embellishment of the metal buckle looks very temperamental. With a woven bag with a sense of regularity, it is really practical for shopping or commuting, breaking the conventional style and relieving visual fatigue.

3. Woven bag with solid color skirt

Autumn is coming, of course everyone will buy a few more small skirts. The solid color dress is low-key and elegant, not only has extraordinary temperament but also shows off the figure. With a woven bag, the whole person will look noble and elegant.

4. Woven bag matching suit

There are many people who commute to work and may not have time to dress up because of their busy work. Now I will give you a shortcut key to quickly upgrade to an exquisite person in early autumn. The suit is matched with a khaki woven straw bag, whether it is diagonal or portable, it is a matching formula that can't go wrong. Owning such a woven bag will instantly make you trendy.

There are many shapes and styles of woven bags. We can choose the shape and style of woven bags according to the matching of clothing. Let's take a look.

1. Ladder type

The trapezoidal bag can be said to be the most classic style of woven bags, and it is also the source of many people's attention to woven bags.

If you have a great demand for the capacity of the bag, you can choose this one with confidence. Not only that, but the trapezoidal version design will also show your professional woman's temperament very well.

2. Vegetable basket type

The design of the vegetable basket is very simple, the origin of the name is because it is particularly like a small back basket. As a vegetable basket bag in a woven bag, it will give people a very convenient and concise temperament.

This type of woven bag is also very versatile, and the solid color woven color will give you a sense of intimacy.

3. Hollow type

Hollow bags are more suitable for larger items, or if you feel that your clothing is relatively monotonous. You can also use a hollowed out small handbag as an embellishment effect, just as a single product to adjust the matching atmosphere is also good.