The lion often appears in the animation, and it will grow from a naive little lion to a lion king who saves the country. The lion that we often see in cartoon prototype is an African lion, the largest cat in Africa and one of the most ferocious beasts in Africa, known as the "king of beasts".

The African lion is the largest cat in Africa and the only cat in the world with very different male and female forms. It is the largest carnivore in Africa. African lions are large in size and fierce in temperament. The African lion is called the "king of beasts", not only because of its ferocity and size, but also because of its roar and mighty majesty.

Male lions have long manes, mostly brown or black, that extend down to the shoulders and chest. Female lions are smaller and weigh half as much as male lions. The lioness has relatively short hair, and the body color is light gray, yellow, etc. Their fur is almost identical to the natural African background, so even during the day, it can be difficult to spot without careful identification.

Lions were originally distributed in all parts of Africa and southern Asia except for tropical rain forests. Now, except for Gil in India, lions in other parts of Asia have disappeared, and there are no longer wild lions in North Africa. At present, lions are mainly distributed in the Saharan Africa. On the grasslands south of the desert, it can basically be regarded as a specialty of Africa now.

African lions live in groups and have no fixed nests. They live in open grasslands and semi-desert areas. Male lions are mainly responsible for dueling, territorial competition, patrolling and defending the lions, and hunting of difficult targets, and their wild competitiveness ranks first among cats. Female lions are mainly involved in day-to-day hunting and feeding offspring.

Most cats like to be alone, but the African lion is not, it likes to live in groups of 20 to 30. Lions rest during the day and hunt early in the morning, at dusk, or at night. Since lions do not have the endurance to pursue long-distance pursuits, they generally use ambush to capture their prey.

African lions have the best teeth for biting, and when they bite food, their teeth are as sharp as scissors. African lions use methods such as ambush, hunting, and pursuit to prey on herbivores such as zebras and wildebeest. Sometimes they will take advantage of their size to grab food from other carnivores, and even kill each other for it.

Lions can breed at any time of the year. After 100 days of pregnancy, the lioness leaves the pride and goes to a quiet place to give birth, usually with 3 to 4 cubs per litter. The first 10 weeks of these cubs joining the pride can be considered a dangerous period for them.

When lionesses go out hunting, they are often attacked by other wild animals, and some cubs are abandoned when the lions move, so the mortality rate of cubs is very high, and less than half of the number of adult lions are grown.