It can be used as an environmentally friendly means of transportation for walking, and more and more people use bicycles as fitness equipment for cycling and hiking. How much do you know about these bikes in the world?

The world's first bicycle.

In 1790, the Count of Syfrac in France invented the car with two wooden wheels that walked on the ground, also known as the wooden horse wheel at that time.

The first bicycle with handlebars.

In 1816, Dries, a forester in Karlsruhe, Germany, invented the walking machine that uses a handlebar to control the direction, and obtained a British patent, becoming the originator of the bicycle.

The first two-wheeled bike with pedals.

The front-wheel-drive two-wheeled bicycle invented by French carriage repairman Michel in 1863 is already somewhat close to the modern bicycle, but the front wheel is large.

The earliest bicycles.

In 1883, British mechanic James Staley made great improvements to the bicycle "Hovering Park". This bike is basically close to a modern bike. Therefore, the mechanic is known as the "father of bicycles".

Most expensive bike.

The world's most expensive extreme mountain bike is 24K solid gold and handcrafted. In addition to gold, it is marked with 600 black diamonds totaling 6 carats and sapphires totaling 4.5 carats.

What is the Guinness World Record for the fastest bicycle?

The fastest bicycle speed was 268.831 kilometers per hour, which was set by Fred Rompelberg of the Netherlands on October 3, 1995, at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA.

Maintenance of bicycles.

If you are riding a bike other than yours, remember to adjust the saddle to the proper height before riding.

Check whether the tire pressure is sufficient, if not, hit the appropriate pressure, check whether the tire wall has cracks, whether the tire tread is too shallow, and replace the tire if necessary.

Brake the front brake, and rock your body back and forth, if there is a gap in the rocking, you need to readjust the front wrist.

After starting, try to change the front and rear gears respectively, whether they can be smoothly changed to each gear, and whether there is any abnormal noise.

Cycling can increase lung capacity, promote blood circulation in the body, speed up the metabolism of substances, and enhance people's cardiovascular system and respiratory systems.

You can not only enjoy the scenery along the way but also make yourself sweat, which has a good effect on releasing pressure and relieving tension.