Wall-E, the main character in the movie "Wall-E" produced by Pixar Animation Studios, is a cleaning robot.

Wall-E is a science fiction animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The movie was released in the United States on June 27, 2008.

The story is set in 2805 A.D. The Earth has become an abandoned garbage dump, and humans have left the Earth to live on a giant spaceship in the universe. In this world, the robot WALL-E has become the last working robot on Earth. WALL-E's task is to clean up the garbage on Earth, so his appearance and function are related to cleaning. His body shape resembles a small bulldozer, has a large eye on his head, can make various sounds and expressions, and has self-awareness and emotions.

Wall-E has been working alone on Earth for hundreds of years, so he has developed some of his interests, such as collecting interesting or valuable items, such as a Coke can or a plant.

In the process of carrying out the task, WALL-E accidentally found a plant, the plant became the hope of a human return to Earth, and also let WALL-E start a sweet love story.

The following are some things about the robot WALL-E.

1. The name WALL-E comes from the acronym WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) for the garbage truck.

2. WALL-E's design is inspired by an industrial robot called a "hybrid robot", which is mainly used to clean up garbage and waste.

3. WALL-E did not say much in the movie, mostly through expressions and sounds to express their emotions and intentions.

4. WALL-E met a small mouse in the movie, which became WALL-E's partner and friend in the lonely period.

5. To better understand WALL-E's emotions and behavior, the animators observed the behavior of many dogs and small animals during the production process to better express WALL-E's cuteness and emotions.

6. WALL-E's eyes play a very important role in the expression and emotional expression, and the animators spent a lot of time in the production process studying WALL-E's eye design and expression animation.

7. In the movie, WALL-E and another robot Eve launched a touching love story, which is also one of the important themes in the movie.

WALL-E is a very human and emotional robot, his image and story have a strong infectious power and depth, "WALL-E" movie is well-made, with beautiful pictures, and music moving, and worth watching.