Fitness has become one of the main ways for modern people to stay healthy, which can not only strengthen the immune system, but also maintain a good figure. Boys and girls are often seen in the gym.

Fitness needs to understand the organizational structure and muscle distribution of the human body in order to specify a targeted fitness plan. Fitness can be divided into indoor and outdoor activities, such as gyms and gymnasiums.

The most common equipment used in gyms, apart from treadmills, is dumbbells, which can exercise many parts of the body. However, for people who are new to fitness, they need to make adequate preparations to avoid pulling muscles during the fitness process.

First, before doing dumbbell exercises, it is important to pay attention to warm-up activities. The most important thing is to move wrists and fingers, as we mainly rely on our fingers to grasp the dumbbells.

If we ignore the warm-up and stretching before dumbbell exercise, it is easy to cause muscle strain, which can be serious and even endanger our joints. Some simple warm-up exercises before dumbbell exercise can increase our flexibility and reduce the chance of injury. Then, start with a small weight and gradually let the muscles enter the state.

Second, there are many ways to exercise with dumbbells, but no matter what kind of dumbbell exercise, we all need to pay attention to the weight choice of the dumbbells. For novice exercisers, it is recommended to use a weight of five kilograms or less.

For men who want to gain muscle, you can choose 15 kilograms of dumbbells. It should be noted that the weight of dumbbells should be kept at 65% 85% of their maximum load.

For example, if you can lift a load of 10 kg each time, you should choose a dumbbell with a weight of 6.5 kg-8.5 kg for exercise. During the exercise,5-8 groups each day, each group moves 6mur12 times

The movement speed should not be too fast, each group has an interval of 2-3 minutes. The effect will not be good if the load is too large or too small, and the interval is too long or too short.

Women who want to lose weight and shape can choose 3 kilograms of dumbbells. It is recommended that each group should practice 15-25 times or more, and each group should be controlled at an interval of 1-2 minutes.

If you think this kind of exercise is very boring, you can also practice with your favorite music, or follow the music to do dumbbell aerobics.

Third, dumbbell exercise needs to pay attention to breathing. When you exercise, inhale when you start to work hard, so that you can burn oxygen through your muscles to consume excess fat and increase muscle growth.

When putting down the dumbbell, exhale and relax the muscles. Yes, the muscles can build up strength in time.

Fourth, when the bell starts to exercise, be sure to pay attention to the sense of rhythm. It is time for dumbbell exercise with the best effect of slow exercise.

Lift the dumbbell slowly so that the muscle can get enough pressure so that the muscle begins to grow, and the muscle will remember this intensity.

Fifth, when we do dumbbells, we are mainly targeted to exercise muscles

Because dumbbells can almost exercise muscles all over the body, but in different ways. So you need to understand the distribution of your muscle group and find the parts that need to be strengthened to exercise.