As delicate flowers, roses easily withered after picking, with a shelf life of three to four days. Are there any techniques for prolonging the flowering period? Of course, there is.

1. Use vitamin C or sugar.

The first trick is to use vitamin C or white sugar. The usage is to break the vitamin C into small pieces, chop them into pieces, and put them in water.

Then, cut off the branches of the roses and put them in clean water with vitamin C. This can make the fresh life of the roses longer, and we can add a little sugar to the water. Then, cut a short section of the rose branches and put the roses in the water mixed with sugar, which can also make the fresh life of the roses longer.

2. Add the right amount of salt.

The second trick is to add some salt to the water, which can not only make the flowers have a longer shelf life but also make them bloom more brightly, as the salt we usually eat can stop the growth of bacteria in the water.

This way, we can ensure that the shelf life of roses is longer. However, it should be noted that the amount of salt added to the water should not be excessive; that is, the concentration of salt should not be too high. If the concentration is too high, it will not only fail to prolong the shelf life of flowers but also shorten it.

3. Use tea

Another kind that can prolong the shelf life of flowers is tea, we can directly use tea instead of water, so the effect of prolonging the shelf life of flowers is also very good, using tea can not only prolong the shelf life of flowers but also make the flowers more fragrant

But it is suggested that the concentration of water should not be too low, generally, the concentration of tea is as strong as possible.

4. Use fresh flower preservatives.

In addition, fresh flower preservatives can be used to ensure the freshness of flowers. This kind of fresh flower preservative can generally be bought on the market. After buying fresh flower preservative, some fresh flower preservative is poured into the freshwater of the flower arrangement.

This kind of fresh flower preservative can effectively prolong the shelf life of flowers, so if you don't want to do it yourself, you can buy this kind of flower preservative to prolong the shelf life of flowers.

5. The bottom branch of the rose can be cut off at an angle and then placed in a bottle, as the slant will increase the cross-section of the flower branch in contact with the water, thus prolonging the life of the flower branch.

6. When the rose shows signs of wilting, cut off a small section at the end of the flower stem and place it in a container filled with cold water, leaving only the flower head above the surface of the water. After 1-2 hours, the flower stem will revive.

7. Some people think that the leaves of plants help flowers to carry out photosynthesis, and they are also useful for flowers in bottles and cannot be removed. This is not correct. Once the flowers have left the plant, the photosynthesis of the leaves is weakened so much that it is no longer necessary.