Although puffs have long been regarded as a classic French dessert, the real origin of puffs is actually in Italy.

In 1533, Catherine, a member of the famous Florentine Medici family, married the future King Henry II, the Duke of Orleans, in France.

Her husband, the Duke of Orléans, was the future King Henry II, and Catherine brought along several cooks because she couldn't get over her longing for the flavors of her homeland.

It was in France, seven years later, that Puffs were invented by Pondrelli, the chef who accompanied her.

A unique delicacy called puff pastry was brought from Italy to France and then to England.

Where it became popular throughout Europe because of its symbolism of happiness, peace, festivity, and romance, with the upper and lower aristocracy favoring this fluffy, golden-looking, sweet but not cloying dessert.

The puff pastry has a crispy exterior and is only filled before eating. This is because if the filling is filled too early.

The crust will absorb the moisture from the filling and become soggy and soft.

As well as the filling must be delicious, the crust must also be tasty.

A good puff pastry should be well puffed up, with a crispy outer crust and a large cavity inside for filling with more filling.

How to make puff pastry.


5 eggs

250g of flour

Butter 50g

Water 250g

Chocolate 50g

Whipping cream 100g


1. Pour all the water and butter into a saucepan and heat.

2. Sift the flour and add it to the mixture.

3. Stir gently until no white flour is visible, then turn off the heat.

4. Put the dough into the mixer, mix well and then add the eggs one by one, mixing each egg well and adding the next. When the mixer is finally lifted, the batter should be of good consistency so that it does not run down.

5. Line a baking tray with baking paper, squeeze the batter onto the tray and dip your fingers in water to shape the surface of the dough.

6. Cook at 180 degrees for 25 minutes until golden brown.

7. Whip the whipped cream and cut or squeeze into the puffs.

8. Melt the chocolate and drizzle over the puffs, sprinkling with icing sugar.


1. The butter and water must be brought to a boil and mixed well.

2. The flour should be heated evenly when adding it, not over high heat.

3. Mix the eggs a little at a time, mixing completely each time.

4. At the end of baking, leave in the oven for 5 minutes before removing.

The calorie content of puff pastry (in 100g edible portion) is 245 calories (1025 kJ), which is a moderate amount of calories per unit.

28g is about 81 calories. Each 100g of puff contains about 10% of the total daily calorie intake recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society for the average adult to maintain good health.

Puffs are generally easy to eat because they are cut open and filled with cream and sweets for extra flavor.

Today, puffs have become one of the brightest stars of dessert shops. In addition to the basic round shape, puffs come in a variety of shapes and flavors.

Now the internet sensation, the slender shape of the lightning puff has become a favorite haunt of countless dessert masters, with a wide variety of fillings, shells, and decorations.

In the streets of Paris, you can find dessert shops filled with lightning puffs of all colors, and it's hard for anyone to resist the sweet temptation.