Many people like to travel to the beach to play in the hot weather, so what do you need to prepare for a trip to the beach?

1. Flip-flops

Although it is very romantic to step on the sand with your feet on the beach, stepping on the shells will be very painful.

And the beach's daytime temperature is very high, so preparing a pair of flip-flops can easily solve these problems.

2. Change of clothes

Play at the beach will inevitably accidentally wet clothes, try to prepare a few sets of easy-to-dry clothes.

3. Toiletries

Face wash, bath soap, shampoo, soap, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb.

4. Swimming equipment

If you plan to swim, you need to prepare swimming goggles, a swimming ring, a swimsuit, swimming trunks, a swimming cap and so on.

Wearing swimming glasses can see the world under the sea. Although you can open your eyes without swimming glasses in seawater.

There are more bacteria in seawater, easy to get eye disease.

To prevent the nose, and ears from into the water caused by discomfort, you can bring a nose clip and ear plugs.

5. Sunscreen and isolation cream

To go to the beach need to prepare a high sun protection factor waterproof sunscreen, that can prevent ultraviolet rays make your skin age, to add a layer of protection for your skin.

If you need to do sunbathing, you can choose the right sunscreen spray to apply to your body.

6. UV protection umbrella

It is best to add a UV protection umbrella to prevent strong sunlight, and if it rains can also cover you from the rain.

It is best to choose a folding umbrella, easy to carry.

7. Sunglasses

The sun at the beach is very strong, it will make your eyes sting, wear sunglasses can make your eyes avoid direct contact with the sun, and is also a cool decoration.

8. Volleyball

Since we came to the beach, how can we not have a painful beach volleyball with friends?

9. Medicine

Traveling with some medicine is also very necessary, for food allergies or insect bites will need medicine.

You can carry motion sickness medicine, anti-diarrhea medicine, band-aids, cold medicine, wound medicine, etc.

Once you are fully prepared, you can call on your friends or loved ones to go to the beach and play together.