Douyu is a tropical fish and one of the best breeds of all tropical fish.

The origin of the name is that they are aggressive, like to attack other small fish, and have high demands on their spouses, that is, they have to cooperate with each other.

They are very strict with their spouses and must cooperate with each other in order to mate successfully.

If one partner is unhappy or physically different, there may be serious consequences, such as failure to mate successfully, serious damage to both sides, or death.

Its appearance has red, blue, pink, the tail is very big, is relatively good-looking, but needs high heat, carries on the photosynthesis.

Douyu has a high ornamental value and will be raised as an ornamental fish.

General ornamental fish market are Thai varieties, Douyu's value is reflected in the beautiful tail, and the fierce struggle.

So it is generally divided into display level Douyu fighting type Douyu, the former includes half-moon tail, super half-moon tail, triangular tail, crown tail, double tail, and ponytail, the latter is generally General Douyu.

Douyu's way of reproduction is also very interesting, the female Douyu is generally not very good-looking.

They are all tool men, the nest is made of males, and the care of eggs is also males.

It is generally useless for female fish to ovulate.

Betta culture needs sufficient light to facilitate the photosynthesis of aquatic plants, and it is best to configure a small lamp with soft light in a small glass tank.

There are no special restrictions on Douyu's containers, ranging from mixed aquariums to glass tanks, but because of their combative nature.

They are generally raised separately in order to avoid a big fight.

But if you must raise them in groups, you can mix them with some small fish that swim faster, such as moonlight fish and Mary fish.

Or you can mix them with some fish that like to move at the bottom of the tank, such as mouse fish.

To control the culture density in mixed culture, it is best to use a larger fish tank.

If you fight, you should split the cylinders at once.

Family breeding Douyu basically will not worry about the water temperature, the indoor water temperature is generally above 15 ℃ to survive.

However, in order to keep Douyu colorful, healthy and lively, it is best to keep the water temperature between 24 murmur26 ℃. So heat it with a heating rod.

Douyu's main baits, including blood worms, nematodes, small bread worms, and red worms, are available in the market and are not expensive, so you don't have to worry about fish food.

At the same time, you can also feed it some pellet bait.

Douyu belongs to the fish that goes out during the day and night, so don't feed at night.

During the day, if you are free, you can feed it several times, but each time it should be less. It is better to finish it in 3-5 minutes.