Nowadays, many families have pets.

The most common ones are kittens and puppies. They look very cute and understand human nature.

So many people say that kittens and puppies are very smart, but in fact, monkeys have a higher IQ in the animal kingdom.

Many people have seen that some people keep monkeys as pets. These little monkeys look very clever.

If trained, monkeys can help humans do many simple tasks, such as grazing, picking fruits, passing letters, and some even learn to use spoons to feed bedridden patients, open the refrigerator to get drinks, turn on the lights, and so on.

Therefore, monkeys have been paid attention, spoiled and protected by human beings.

But even so, it still can not replace cats and dogs as human pets. What is the reason for this?

There are macaques, loris, spider monkeys, colobus monkeys, leaf monkeys, red-faced monkeys, baboons, mountain monkeys, golden monkeys, black leaf monkeys, and so on.

Most primates live in different forms of arboreal or semi-arboreal life, with only ring-tailed lemurs, baboons, and old monkeys living on the ground or in rocky areas.

Activities are usually carried out in small ethnic groups and in large groups.

Most can walk upright, but not for a long time. More in the daytime activities, nocturnal activities are finger monkeys, some big lemurs, night monkeys, and so on.

Japanese lemurs and Japanese lemurs sleep for days to weeks in the dry and hot seasons.

Most monkeys are omnivorous, mainly plant-based, and do not give up readily available meat.

It is true that the monkey has a high IQ, but it is a little too smart for a pet.

Humans keep pets to relieve their own boredom, and they can also be controlled by humans.

But the monkey is too smart and not very obedient, and sometimes people can't control it.

In addition, the monkey's claws and teeth are very sharp, sometimes human beings not only can not control it but also be attacked by it, which is not good for human beings, so human beings will not keep it as a pet.

It is not realistic to keep monkeys at home.

Because the monkey is very naughty, and people do not have much living space, keeping it at home may break things for you every day.

Therefore, it is not suitable for people to raise at home.

More realistically, if it is a normal cat or dog, the ordinary pet hospital has a range of mature medical, disease prevention, and treatment methods, such as cleaning, epidemic prevention, and deworming, as well as various pet products, and cleaning supplies.

But, because monkeys are not legally allowed domestic pets, it is difficult to find monkeys' daily necessities, food, and health care in pet shops and pet hospitals.

Once something happens, you can't guarantee the monkey. Go to the doctor in time.