The grains and cereals are staple foods that not only provide us with a full day of vitality, and the rich nutrients contained in them have the effect of preventing and improving disease.

The rich dietary fiber can be useful to slow down the absorption of sugar and reduce the rate of rise of blood sugar after meals so that insulin can have an effect, which is extremely helpful for diabetics.

The bean food is rich in protein and B vitamins, with anti-cancer effects, and often eaten to prevent tumor lesions.

Vitamin A helps the body's cell division, to prevent the formation of cancer cells, and can help the immune system reactions, and the production of antibiotics.

The rich dietary fiber can shorten the residence time of waste in the intestine, reduce the chance of carcinogens and intestinal mucosa touching, and help avoid constipation and colon cancer.

A healthy diet can not only eat fine grains for a long time, but also eat with different grains, different grains have different medicinal properties and different tonic effects.

And many people do not know what kind of body should eat which grains.

Millet can benefit the kidneys and stomach, remove heat and tonic deficiency, calm the mind and strengthen the stomach.

It is a very good food for sleeping and the stomach.

Barley is very rich in dietary fiber, it can promote our intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, prevent constipation.

In addition, to clear our body-produced toxins, and prevent intestinal diseases.

Regular consumption of barley can also inhibit skeletal muscle contraction in the body and can enhance the development of bones.

Reduce muscle spasms, but also to slow down the aging of bones, so that our bones become healthier.

Sago is white, smooth and glutinous, and quite nutritious. It can be eaten by the general population.

It is suitable for people with a weak constitution, recovering from postpartum illness, indigestion, fatigue, lung qi deficiency, tuberculosis, impotence, and cough.

Brown rice retains a large amount of dietary fiber, which can promote the proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, soften stool, and prevent constipation and intestinal cancer.

Dietary fiber can also combine with cholesterol in bile to promote the excretion of cholesterol, thus helping patients with hyperlipidemia to lower blood lipids

Modern people work under a lot of pressure and are prone to physical weakness and fatigue.

To enhance vitality and energy, it is important to nourish the kidneys.

Black beans are a useful kidney tonic.

Black beans are the grain of the kidneys, black is water, and water goes to the kidneys, so the kidney deficiency of people consuming black beans is beneficial.

The black beans are for young women, but also beauty and beauty effect.

American scientists found that eating corn can affect the brain cells and enhance the memory of those who.

The luteinizing hormone and zeaxanthin contained in corn can prevent macular degeneration of the eyes of the elderly.

The magnesium and iron contained in grains and cereals can enhance the body's energy vitality and accelerate the metabolism of waste in the body.

The rich dietary fiber has a water-holding effect, adsorbing water molecules in the intestinal tract, increasing the volume of feces, and prompting food residues or toxins to run in the intestinal tract and quickly out of the body.