In the world, the categories of rabbits can generally be divided into several major categories such as rabbits for wool, rabbits for meat, rabbits for skin, ornamental rabbits, and experimental rabbits.

If we divide them according to their size, they can be divided into small rabbits, medium-sized rabbits, large rabbits, and giant rabbits.

The New Zealand rabbit is a meat-producing and good-quality breed selected from the New Zealand red rabbit in the UK and belongs to the meat rabbit and medium-sized rabbit.

New Zealand rabbits are divided into three variants: white, red, and black, with white being the most common, hence the name "New Zealand white rabbit".

The New Zealand White rabbit has pure white fur, pink eyes, a small head, erect ears, a medium-sized, cylindrical body, a wide and deep chest, a full back and waist and ribs, round hips, stout limbs and a fleshy beard under the jaw of the female rabbit.

The New Zealand White rabbit is similar to the Chinese White rabbit in appearance and can be interpreted as a larger Chinese White rabbit.

New Zealand White rabbits are more adaptable and disease resistant, docile, easy to raise, and very adaptable to farming and large-scale raising.

Moreover, New Zealand White rabbits have fine bones and meat, small internal organs, a high meat production rate, fatty and tasty meat, strong disease resistance, a high reproduction rate, and good fur quality (good hair and skin plate).

The adult weight of New Zealand White rabbits is 4 to 5 kg, with 7 to 8 litters per litter and a weight of 2.5 to 2.7 kg at 3 months of age.

New Zealand White rabbits have rapid early growth, excellent growth, good lactation performance, strong motherhood, and high survival of the litter.

Generally, they produce 6-7 liters per year, with a very high litter size of 8 to 16.

The California rabbit, native to California, is one of the world's most famous rabbit breeds for meat and is also one of the most famous medium-sized rabbit breeds for meat.

The coat of the California rabbit is mainly white and the eyes are red. However, the ears, nose, lower extremities, and tail are all black or brown, with a total of eight black features, which is why the California rabbit is also called the "eight-point black rabbit.

"The newborn rabbit's coat is white and does not show the eight black features until after the first hair change.

"Black rabbits have small, upright ears and a medium-sized body with full hindquarters.

The "eight-point black rabbit" is often crossed with New Zealand white rabbits to produce high-quality commercial meat rabbits.

When caring for rabbits, pay attention to the temperature, especially in winter, and do not leave them outdoors.

Rabbits placed outdoors without a nest can easily freeze to death.

If you put it at home, you may want to take some straw to make a nest for the rabbit.

In this way, you will not only be able to keep the rabbit's body temperature, but you will also be able to make the rabbit live more comfortably.