In love and marriage, most people hope to grow old with each other, but many couples have encountered many problems in their relationships and are even eventually separated.

So how to maintain the relationship?

Beneficial to the development of the couple's relationship to get along with the approach.

1. Mutual respect

Respect the rights of both parties, the character of both parties, the behavior of both parties, and the space of both parties.

Everyone's life is not only each other, there are many other things, do not bind each other too tight.

In mutual respect, the relationship between the two people will naturally be harmonious and natural.

2. Mutual tolerance

No one is perfect, there will be a variety of shortcomings.

We all have our habits, and when we are together it is easy to have conflicts that affect the stability of the relationship.

An inclusive heart is a necessary condition for the long operation of the relationship.

People who love each other should try to understand and understand each other and tolerate each other's problems.

Of course, serious problems need to be corrected and solved, not allowed to develop.

3. Pay attention to the proportion

If the other party is very sensitive, then you try not to contact too much with other people of the opposite sex.

Many times, lovers because of some problems between the opposite sex get along and quarrel, pay attention to and other opposite sex get along with the proportion, can try to avoid this situation, and give each other a sense of trust.

4. Frequent contact

People and people's feelings because of mutual contact develop deeply.

Sharing more things around you, sharing your joys and sorrows, can enhance the feelings.

5. Communicate often

Communication is often the best way to solve problems, a lot of relationship breakdown is because there is no good communication.

The maintenance of feelings is to constantly communicate, and constantly understand so that they can constantly fix their mistakes so that the existence of feelings can be fine.

6. Create romance

Give your lover some surprises, so that each other feels your love.

For example, writing a handwritten love letter, eating a candlelit dinner, traveling, etc., can add a romantic atmosphere to ordinary life.

Try these ways to extend the shelf life of the relationship.