Office furniture for people to work with, people are the dominant factor in the design of office furniture, to make office furniture better serve people, service to the human work life, office furniture designers must understand the relationship between furniture and people.

The idea of ergonomics on the use of office furniture design, to do the science of design, office furniture functional design is the basis of office furniture design.

Rgonomics is also known as human ergonomics, human factors engineering, ergonomics, engineering psychology, etc.

Ergonomics is based on human physiology, perception, social and environmental factors.

Study the interrelationship between human and other elements in the human-computer system, to create a healthy, safe, comfortable and coordinated human-computer environment system to provide theoretical and methodological edge disciplines.

In the human-machine-environment system, the human refers to the operator user.

The machine refers to the machine operated by the human, and generally refers to the objects operated and used by the human, which can be appliances and household items, facilities, etc..

The environment is the environment in which the human and the machine coexist, such as the workplace, the work space, the place of use, etc.

In this system, the three factors interact with each other, mutual constraints, interdependence to complete a particular action or process.

In fact, the most important factor in choosing a suitable office chair is the size.

Because the office chair was originally designed in accordance with the ergonomic polishing.

This puts the human body's height and weight as the design standard of the chair.

For a good office chair, its size standard is not only to make people feel comfortable to use, but more importantly to be able to support the consumer's body and maximize the elimination of fatigue.

This requires the depth and width of the office chair seat to be very strict.

Commuters work all day in the office.

If there is no suitable office chair to relieve fatigue, work efficiency will certainly be greatly reduced.

Over time, the office environment will deteriorate and have a negative effect on the development of the entire business.

So what else needs attention when buying office chairs?

1.The office chair is the chair surface is the buttocks sitting place to be soft can choose the face of leather.

Sitting comfortable and easy to clean.

2.The office chair must have a backrest, and to meet the human body curve backrest.

So that employees can comfortably lean on the office chair to work, which can improve efficiency to a certain extent.

3.The office chair should have the ability to adjust the height of the function.

4.Office chair legs a little with pulleys, employees have to stand up many times a day.

If there is no pulley, up and sit more trouble, office chairs rub the ground is also easy to produce a squeaky harsh sound.