Warm Audio has announced the launch of Centavo and Warmdrive, the legendary guitar effectors, adding two new classic remakes to the effector lineup.

Centavo is an overload effector that truly reproduces the legendary experience and beloved sound of the discontinued professional overload effector of the 90s.

Warmdrive is a true representation of the highly regarded effectors, known for delivering the sound of an otherwise unachievable superdrive amplifier.

Both guitar effectors use quality components in their circuit design to faithfully reproduce these signature sounds.


Whether you're after the fabled elevated timbre, transparent overload, or pushing your channel to a truly gritty feel.

Centavo has all the beloved timbre of the original Legendary effectors.

To deliver the original overload sound, Centavo uses carefully selected components, including TL072 operational amplifiers and premium diodes that deliver the signature sound of silent enhancement, broken edges and hard clipping.

Thus staying true to the old effector design, the Centavo circuit is mounted in a custom-cast gold case with carefully tapered cow blood knobs.

Centavo has three basic controls on the front panel -- gain, treble, and output.

In addition to the original sound expected from older effectors, the Centavo has a "MOD" switch on the back.

When in the "up" position, the switch is combined with Jeff Beck's famous modulator to extend the low-end response of the lower guitar string by varying the numerical value of the high-pass filter.

Between the carefully buffered circuit design, custom-cast "Champagne" gold shell and premium component selection, Warm Audio Centavo has no hesitation in providing every aspect of this legendary effectors feature.


Warmdrive is a realistic representation of the ever popular "one-piece amp" guitar effector, offering a truly unattainable overload amp sound.

Whether you need to have a transparent hyperdrive sound, push your tube amplifiers to full capacity, or play solo with momentum and clarity, Warmdrive is a guitar effector that truly makes it all happen.

Warmdrive pairs premium components such as the 2N7000 MOSFET and 1N34a Germanium/Schottky BAT41 diode with the original circuit design to achieve the same tone and quality characteristics of this unique guitar effect.

Warmdrive's "secret", like the original, is a combination of unique sound and timbre controls on the stomper box.

This control setup provides the artist with a little extra versatility compared to a general overload effector, allowing the performer to modify the frequency before (sound control) and after (tone control) the clipping stage.

Turning the knob creates a dynamic sound that almost looks like two guitar signals going on at the same time, all the way to saturation cascading gain timbres, making it easy to get lost in the solo "jam".

Warmdrive's gain and overall saturation require playing around to fully appreciate its unique "jam" -like sound.