Pilates is named after the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates (Joseph Hubertus Pilates), a form of exercise and skills.

Pilates life to create this unique set of training movements, movement skills called "contrology" (Contrology).

The Pilates couple created over 500 movements, most of which have been preserved in photographs or documentaries.

The practice of Pilates not only improves the body line, but also has a very good effect on the correction of the neck and spinal cord.

It is safe, its speed is relatively calm, and it is a static state of movement that produces almost no damage to joints and muscles.

At the same time, the movement arrangement of the combination of motion and stillness makes the body both tense and relaxed, with both a change of pace and a meditation to adjust the suction, which makes it easier for the exerciser to control the body and reduce the negative effects caused by wrong posture.

It is not particularly intense, but it is about control, stretching and breathing, and is very effective in shaping key female parts such as the waist, abdomen and hips.

This is more suitable for women in real life requirements for physical beauty.

The great feature of Pilates is that it is easy to learn, not only the movements are gentle, but also can be purposefully targeted at the arms, chest and shoulders, while enhancing the flexibility of the body.

Moreover, this exercise is not limited by the location of the activity, whether it is a professional gym or a living room, the same can be practiced.

Pilates is generally done with the help of a variety of equipment, Pilates large equipment are core bed Reformer, Cadillac bed Trapeze Table, Ladder barrel, stable chair chair, Spine Corrector.

Pilates and yoga are somewhat similar, but there are also differences, yoga emphasizes the flexibility of the body, more focused on how you do the action after the use of their strength and flexibility to continue to maintain the action.

Yoga practice will have a significant effect on body sculpting, improving your temperament and increasing your flexibility.

Pilates focuses on the process of completing a movement, focusing on the muscle movement and breathing control.

It is more focused on muscle strength, endurance and shaping muscle form, practicing Pilates muscle development will be more balanced, shoulder, back pain will improve.

Secondly, yoga is more static, it is by imitating the posture of animals.

It is some squeezing, twisting movements and massage exercises for the internal organs of the human body.

But Pilates combines yoga, taijiquan, ballet form and other forms of exercise, more diverse words, more dynamic, for the human back, spine recovery and joint protection is very effective.