Macaws are the most colorful large parrots. They have strong ability to learn words and can be raised as ornamental animals.

Macaws are large parakeets produced in Central and South America, with bright and beautiful colors, and are mostly distributed in Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and other countries. Rarely occurs during feeding.

Macaws are tropical American birds native to forests, especially rainforests in Mexico and Central and South America. The recipe consists of many fruits and flowers, which are great for eating. Nests in trees on river banks and in cliff holes.

It is relatively easy to accept human training, can get along with other species of parrots, and live up to 65 years. Some species can learn to imitate speech in a soft voice, so if the macaw can be used for proper care, it can be said to be a very good pet.

It can not only accompany the owner for a very long time, but also learn to speak to ensure that the owner does not lonely. However, no matter what kind of pets are kept, everyone should take responsibility for taking care of them.

Macaws are large parrots. Generally, for the convenience of large parrots, caregivers will choose to raise more cages than cages. There are two types of parrot bird stands, mainly divided into two types: hanging type and vertical type.

Because the macaw's beak is strong and powerful, metal or plexiglass should be selected for the material of the bird stand. It should be noted that the plexiglass rod cannot be made of metal, because the metal is dense and will be cold.

If the parrot perches on it for a long time, the parrot is prone to disease. A metal tube or wire is bent into a semi-arc hanger to secure the perch plexiglass rod.

Then prepare a thin chain, tie one end to the perch rod and the other to the loop to prevent strangulation of the parrot. Use 12-14 gauge lead or copper wire to make a ring and put it on the parrot's ankle.

It is best to place a manure box under the rack, 40 cm long, 20 cm wide and 50 cm high, and put some wood chips or sand in the wooden box, so that the manure will not directly stick to the wooden box.

The upright base of the parrot is held together by an upright metal tube, and the perching wood is also made of plexiglass. Food boxes, drinking boxes, and sundries boxes are placed at both ends of the perching wood.

From this, it can be seen that when choosing a shelf for raising parrots, you must pay attention to its texture and other issues. For example, the perching stick cannot be made of metal, which will not be good for the health of the macaw.

Also pay attention to some of its details. For example, one end of the chain of the parrot must be tied to the live head to prevent the macaw from being strangled.