Humans are accustomed to express themselves with words no matter who they communicate with, but cats are different from humans. Cats prefer to use body language or smell to express their thoughts.

Therefore, cats have many languages, such as tail language, meow language, body language, and even eye language. Among these cat languages, perhaps eye language is the most important, because for any creature, the eyes are the windows to the soul, they any thoughts in your heart will definitely be written on your eyes.

Most importantly, the cat will tell its owner with its eyes that it loves you!

Cats are originally nocturnal animals. At night, their eyes will become big and round, and the whole cat will be full of energy. At this time, take a photo of the cat, close-up of the eyes, any one is a beautiful face.

Remember to turn off the flash, otherwise the cat will be easily injured by the flash when the pupil is opened to the maximum.

The pupil size of cats can be adjusted automatically, not forced to be adjusted by the influence of light.

Think about it at noon, when the sun is really strong, at this time the cat's eyes are narrowed into a slit no matter where they look. Not only that, the cat's eyes are half-squinted when looking up.

If the cat is in a good mood at this time, it will look like he hasn't woken up. If you're in a bad mood at this time, it's like "don't bother me".

But at home at night, the room is also very bright when the shit shovel officer turns on the light. At this time, the cat's eyes are not narrowed into a slit like at noon, and they are often open round.

Pupils of cats are not only affected by light, but also by their own emotions. When the cat feels excited, excited or nervous or fearful, the adrenaline rises and the cat's pupils will dilate. When the cat's mood returns to a stable state, the pupils will return to their original state.

Normal cat pupil size:

This means that the cat is in a relaxed state at this time, a little lazy, it also means that it is more satisfied with the external environment, and it also shows that it regards itself as a member of the family and trusts the owner very much.

Cat pupils dilated:

The cat's pupils are enlarged, which means a bit complicated. For example, when the cat is full of interest, or when it finds prey, the cat's pupils will naturally dilate, but if it encounters a dark environment, the cat's pupils will also dilate.

Or when the cat encounters something that is afraid, the cat will also dilate its pupils. Please note that once the cat's pupils are dilated, it means that the cat is in a period of great mood swings.

As an owner, if you can't tell why the cat's pupils are dilated, it is recommended that you let the cat play by itself. If the cat is full of nature, the shovel officer can take out the cat-friendly stick and exercise with the cat for a while.