Lipstick is an indispensable cosmetic for girls. There are so many lipsticks, but they have never been used up when they are bought home. It is not too much.

Sometimes even if you go out without makeup, you must put on lipstick, which can instantly improve your temperament.

But do you really know what ingredients your favorite lipsticks are made of? Heard that there are bug corpses in lipstick? That's right! And the more expensive the lipstick, the more bug corpses in it.

The lipstick is indeed made from the corpse of a bug, if it sounds a little uncomfortable, don't worry, then look down.

In fact, this kind of cochineal corpse is not only used in lipstick, but now because of the increasingly advanced technology, after research, it will also be made into eye shadow, blush and other cosmetics, and even some drinks also use cochineal.

But don't worry, in fact, the corpse of this cochineal is non-toxic and harmless, and does not contain heavy metals, so it can be said to be very safe.

What are cochineal bugs?

The cochineal species native to the Americas is a member of the scale insects. It is often parasitic on cacti. The carminic acid in the body can be made into a red dye, and this application began as early as the Mayan period.

Lipsticks and aboriginals used facial pigments, etc., which were very precious dyes at the time, but are often used in cosmetics and food dyeing in modern times, such as the aforementioned jams, hot dogs, juices, etc., all of which are extremely valuable. There is a big chance to add cochineal worms. See if you are shaking a lot here, but don't be nervous, it's not over yet.

They live on cacti and have a large amount of carmine acid in their blood, which turns into a red liquid after being crushed. It is a non-toxic and harmless natural pigment.

Moreover, cochineal insects have high requirements on the living environment, and they cannot be raised casually, and are more precious. Therefore, lipsticks made with cochineal are much more expensive than those made with synthetic pigments.

Is it okay to eat cochineal?

Since insects are not chemical products, cochineal is a natural pigment, and a small amount of food is harmless to the human body. So don't worry too much, if you still don't want to eat cochineal, the food packaging will be marked, you can pay attention.