Presbyopia is an eye problem that most people tend to have in middle age to old age. How is presbyopia formed?Presbyopia is a very common eye disease, which is related to the changes in the focal length of the eyes as age increases.

The so-called "presbyopia" refers to the situation that the elderly gradually have difficulty in reading or working at close range.

This is a phenomenon of human aging. With the increase of age, the ability of eye accommodation gradually declines, which causes patients to have symptoms such as difficulty in near vision, so in close work.

It is necessary to add a convex lens on the basis of refractive error correction to have clear near vision. This phenomenon is called presbyopia, or presbyopia.

This is a physiological phenomenon, not a pathological state, or a refractive error. When you enter middle-aged and old age, presbyopia will inevitably cause visual problems.

If you have, don't worry too much, you can choose to wear glasses to correct the situation. At the same time, you should have good life habits, exercise as much as possible, and strengthen your physique, you know that this is not only good for the eyes.

Since it can be corrected by wearing glasses, choosing the right pair of reading glasses is crucial. In fact, wearing reading glasses is not as simple as you think.

Because choosing the wrong one may aggravate your symptoms and cause physical discomfort.

For inexpensive glasses.

Many elderly people buy this pair of reading glasses from roadside stalls. Many elderly people feel that reading glasses are only used occasionally, and there is no need to go for optometry. Moreover, reading glasses from roadside stalls are good and cheap, and it is enough to see clearly.

In fact, the finished mirrors of roadside stalls are generally not of good quality, and they are made according to average standards. The degrees of the left and right eyes are the same, and the difference between astigmatism and interpupillary distance is not considered.

Many elderly people have different binocular diopters. If they do not undergo precise optometry and choose lenses by feeling, the correction effect may be unsatisfactory.

Even though some reading glasses on the street are very affordable, it is not recommended to buy them. Because it is very likely that you are not buying real reading glasses, but industrial glass.

This can damage your eyes and make presbyopia worse. Wearing such unqualified glasses for a long time will also cause eye fatigue, nausea, and dizziness.

Not changing glasses in time

If you wear a pair of reading glasses all year round, you should pay attention. The condition of smeared eyes will gradually deepen with age.

It is best to check your vision in about 3 years and replace the appropriate reading glasses, otherwise, you will pay more attention to fatigue.

Under normal circumstances, the accommodation ability of the human eye gradually declines after the age of 40, and gradually deepens with age. After the age of 60, the accommodation power of the eye lens and ciliary muscle is basically lost, and the presbyopia degree will basically stabilize.

The presbyopia degree of the elderly increases by an average of 50 degrees every three years, so it is best to do a vision check every 3 years and adjust the presbyopia degree.

As far as the current situation is concerned, many elderly people do not change for 5-10 years, and the degree of blindness deepens rapidly. Ordinary lenses should be replaced in about 3 years.

The life of reading glasses lenses is also limited. After a long time of use, the lenses will be scratched and aged, resulting in a decrease in the amount of light transmitted and affecting the imaging quality of the lenses. 

The requirements for glasses are clear, comfortable, and durable. Do not wear glasses casually!