Bubble milk tea, that is, adding powder circles (pearls) made of tapioca flour or sweet potato powder into milk tea to create a smoky and tough taste other than tea fragrance.

It appeared in the late 1980s. Bubble milk tea is just a drink that combines powdered balls and milk tea.

It is not a patented product. It is also because no store can successfully apply for a patent right so bubble tea stores have sprung up and become a very popular leisure drink.

In the early 1990s, most of the bubble tea shops were scattered in the commercial and school districts as independent stores. Later, the industry introduced "automatic sealing machines" to replace the traditional cup lids, which became the iconic packaging of bubble Milk. In the late 1990s, many bubble milk tea shops developed into chain businesses.

In the early days of Zhen milk tea shops, most of the milk tea was fresh and shaken, but since the spread of Zhen milk shops, most of them have switched to pre-brewed milk tea.

Milk tea is not necessarily made with black tea and creamer on the same day, but with milk tea powder supplied by the central government, which can be used by adding water.

Instant milk tea and milk tea powder have a big difference in tea aroma and taste.

In terms of creamer, in the past, high-calorie powdered creamer and synthetic high-fructose syrup were often used. In addition, the main ingredient of powder balls is starch.

A cup of 700 ml of the pearl milk tea has more than 400 calories, which is equivalent to two bowls of rice. Easy to get fat and hurt.

The original pearls were all small. In 1988, a hawker got inspiration and changed the name of the big pearl milk, which is two to three times larger than ordinary pearls, to "Bubble", emphasizing that it will be chewy.

In addition to black, there are also colored pearls. Boba milk tea, also known as "BOBA" or "Bubble", is very popular in Europe and the United States.

The health of traditional bubble tea has been questioned many times. With society's higher and higher requirements for a healthy diet, bubble tea has to take a high-quality and healthy route.

In recent years, the industry has begun to try to use fresh tea, replace creamer with fresh milk, and replace the commonly used synthetic high fructose syrup with sucrose.

Synthetic high fructose syrup is low in cost and 1.7 times sweeter than sucrose, which can easily lead to various diseases. Sucrose is a disaccharide that is decomposed into fructose and glucose by digestive juice, which is absorbed by the small intestine and is healthier.

It can be seen that to retain guests now, bubble tea must be healthy and fresh. 30 years of advancing with the times may be one of the reasons why bubble tea has not been eliminated for many years.