Pet rabbits or domestic rabbits refer to rabbits that have been domesticated by humans and are generally believed to have been domesticated from Oryx.

The term domestic rabbit does not conform to the concept of biological species classification, so the domestic rabbit is just a popular name.

Most biologists believe that the source of domestic rabbits came from the wild rabbit, which spread from Europe to the islands of the Mediterranean about 3,000 years ago.

The more mainstream view is that domestic rabbits all over the world originated in Europe, especially in Spain and France. French monks in the middle ages began to domesticate wild rabbits for food and fur, and then gradually spread to Asian countries in the east through the Silk Road.

International Rabbit Day: September 26 every year is International Rabbit Day, which is established to call on the public to pay attention to rabbit protection and rabbit welfare.

Rabbits are loved by everyone for their long ears, short fluffy tails, cute three-flap mouths, and explosive fur. Rabbits are one of the cutest creatures in the world!

Therefore, the rabbit with many fans has become the third most popular pet after cats and dogs!

However, despite their cuteness, rabbits are still the most commonly slaughtered animals after chickens, ducks and pigs; they are also in trouble because their perfect fur rabbits are highly fertile due to their super reproductive ability.

Its fur is cheaper than other animals; and thanks to its sensitive skin, rabbits are perfect laboratory animals. Many rabbits have been deprived of the right to instinctual activities from birth and accompanied by injuries, they all live in thin wire cages.

Every life deserves to be respected. Please call for the reduction of unnecessary killings, the elimination of fur products, and the use of animal-free products.

We also call on people who keep rabbits to do their homework and provide them with a life that restores their natural instincts as much as possible. In this way, the rabbits can spend their short life in happiness.

In addition to cats and dogs, more and more people choose rabbits as pets. But rabbits are often considered simple "entry-level" pets. In fact, raising a rabbit has more complex feeding needs, as much as taking care of a dog, or even more complex.

As pets, rabbits are more fragile than cats and dogs and need to be given more careful and patient care in many aspects. It is also essential to pay close attention to all behaviors of rabbits on a daily basis.

Raising rabbits is not difficult, but it is not easy to raise rabbits carefully. If you plan to raise a cute bunny, be sure to do your homework in advance! Guarantee scientific feeding, your rabbit can also live to 10 years old, or even longer.