No matter what season you travel to New York, Manhattan's sunsets and night views are not to be missed. It can be seen in any American drama or movie with an urban theme. When the sun goes down every day, Manhattan appears as it should be, and it would be an understatement to say that it is the city that never sleeps.

If you want to shoot and watch Manhattan at night, you have to get out of Manhattan Island. Here are six of the best filming locations.

1. Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier

A classic must-see on the Lower Manhattan skyline. This is a great place to photograph and watch the sunset at any time of the year, and it is best known in photography circles for the wooden stakes that remained after the removal of the old pier, adding a lot of drama to the foreground of the photo.

In the four seasons of the year, the water level of the river is the highest in summer, the exposed part of the wooden stakes will be less, and the exposed part of the low water level in winter will be relatively more. In summer there will be many seagulls standing on wooden stakes, and in winter it will be covered with snow. It's worth visiting at any time, and it's a popular choice for couples' wedding photos.

2. Pebble Beach

The Brooklyn Bridge and the carousel can be photographed here. Although it is called Beach, it is actually very small, because there is a children's playground next door, so there are surprisingly many children playing with water and throwing stones on this beach in the summer afternoon.

If you want to take a time-lapse here, you need to pay attention. This location is not difficult to find. Many people watch the sunset here, and there are artificial steps where you can sit and wait.

3. Roosevelt Island

The buildings in Midtown New York can be photographed here. The Chrysler Building and the United Nations Headquarters can be seen most clearly. The Empire State Building has a pointed tip, just enough to see the top lights. This location is different from the other four.

It is very close to Manhattan, and it has a sense of being in a steel forest, and you can take the aerial cable car to and fro, which has a different feeling. In addition to Franklin D.

Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, the visual effect on the artificial hillside next to it is also very good. You can sit on the lawn and watch the sunset, which is very beautiful.

4. Gantry Plaza State Park Recreational Dock

Located in Queens, the center of Long Island, the pier is not far from the subway, and the transportation is relatively convenient. Among the six locations, the straight-line distance to Manhattan is the longest. If you take pictures here, it is recommended to use the medium and long focal lengths to shoot.

The Pepsi Sign and the Long Island City Sign are both iconic buildings here and should not be missed. It is also a popular location for wedding photography, and you can often see people taking pictures.

5. Exchange Place

The best location to shoot lower Manhattan from the west, when you get out of the car and come here, although it is only separated by the Hudson River, it is not New York anymore, it belongs to New Jersey. As the most prosperous downtown in New Jersey, you will find that there are really few people.

Compared with Brooklyn, it is much cleaner. J Owen Grundy Park is the best place to shoot sunsets, but there is a problem. If someone walks on the tripod, it will cause jitter. If you shoot long exposures, I recommend the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.

The concrete road is much more stable, and there are seats to rest and put things.

6. Weehawken Recreation Pier

Also in New Jersey, this location is relatively remote, and you need to take a bus to reach it. After getting off the bus, you have to walk for at least 10 minutes. The surrounding environment is relatively desolate, except that there is a gas station near the bus station where you can buy some food, and you can't find it around. To the toilet, so be prepared before and after the shoot, the bus from Manhattan through the river tunnel only needs to make one stop, don't miss it, the stop name is 19th & Willow Street.