Polar Bear is one of the largest carnivorous animals today, and adult polar bears stand up to 2.8 meters. The male polar bear weighs 300-800 kg and the female is 150-300 kg. The bear's paw can reach 25 cm wide. The polar bear can run at 40 kilometers per hour, and it can also swim at the sea for a few hours at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

Although polar bear looks like a white bear, their hair is not white, but transparent. The reason why the polar bear's transparent hair looks white, which is related to the refraction of light and the color of the environment.

First of all, the polar bear live near the sea of the Arctic Ocean, and the shore here is almost covered by snow all year round, which creates a white world. Secondly, the polar bear transparent hair can scatter the light from different angles. At this time, the polar bear looks like a white bear.

Although the polar bear looks very bulky, it is very savvy and has a keen sense. They are close to humans in vision and hearing, while the sense of smell is amazing. We all know that the dog's sense of smell is very sensitive, but compared with polar bears, it is not worth mentioning. The polar bear's sense of smell is about six or seven times the dog. As a result, none of the prey found by polar bears could not escape.

Polar Bear is a very outstanding swimming master, so that he was considered marine animals. Polar Bear is the purest carnivore among all bears. The proportion of meat in foods exceeds 98%, so they also need hunting most. Polar Bear generally has two hunting modes. The most commonly used is waiting method. They will find the seal's breathing holes on the ice in advance, and then wait patiently to wait for a few hours. As soon as the seal appears, they will launch a sudden attack.

Another hunting mode is to dive directly into the ice. The attack was launched when it was close to the prey. The advantage of this hunting method is that the waiting time is reduced. After eating, the polar bear will carefully clean the hair and remove the blood on the body.

Due to global warming, the living environment of polar bears is getting worse and worse. According to reports on the British website, global warming is constantly changing the natural environment. At present, polar bears are facing the dilemma of food shortage. The latest studies have shown that polar bears are likely to move towards extinction at a faster speed than expected.

After studying the living habits of polar bears, scientists found that the actual metabolic rate of this group of predators living in the Arctic was higher than before. This means that they need to hunt more foods to meet their energy needs. Polar bears lived mainly by predating seals. But now, the melting of sea ice makes the polar bear hunting difficult. This has also led to the dilemma of polar bears facing more serious food shortage.

In addition to climate change, illegal hunting is also an important reason for hindering the survival of Polar Bear. The number of polar bears that currently die at illegal hunting every year is 800 to 1,000. In the past 10 years, the total number of polar bear died in poaching has exceeded rhinos. But this problem has not been paid attention to.

Under the double strike of climate change and poaching, the extinction crisis of polar bears is imminent.