Skating is a dangerous sport.

The skates on the sole of the skate are very sharp, and the contact area with the ice is small, so the pressure on the ice is great.

The greater the pressure on the ice, the lower the melting point of the ice, and the pressure on the ice will melt and change water.

While wearing ice skates, it is difficult to slide on the cement road surface, because the surface of the cement road is rough, resulting in increased friction, difficult to slide.

But on the ice, because the ice is very smooth, there is little friction, so you can glide very fast.

Before you start skating, you need to prepare a pair of appropriate skates, so how to choose skates?

1. Hold the skates upside-down with the blade facing up and the mouth facing down.

Use one eye to see if the knife body is in a straight line. The straightier the better.

2. Ice blades should be very bright, no rust on the surface.

3. The number should be neither too large nor too small.

For the sake of safety, the outdoor ice surface should be divided into skating area and fishing area.

At the same time, the skating area is divided into primary school district, skilled area and ice cart play area.

At the same time, there should be special supervision, pay attention to the ice conditions at any time.

Due to the warm winter, most of the ice in the non-professional ice rink is not strong enough.

If you must choose outdoor skating, you should first investigate whether the ice section is horizontal or vertical, which means that the ice is thick and can bear enough weight, while the vertical ice can not be tried.

Moreover, the ice rink in the wild is not taken care of, and the residual snow and dust on it are important causes of falls.

In addition, when skating, do not bring hard equipment, such as keys, knives, mobile phones, so as not to hurt yourself when you fall.

Three important points for winter skating:

1.Skating attire

When skating, the clothes should be flexible to facilitate movement, and beginners are advised to wear long sleeves to avoid bruising skin if they fall.

Because of fear of cold or fear of falling pain, beginners often wear too much too thick, which often interferes with the movement.

In fact, skating is also a relatively physical exercise, so you don't have to worry about standing on the ice and getting cold.

In addition, when skating, do not bring hard equipment, such as keys, knives, mobile phone, so as not to hurt yourself when falling.

2. How to pick the right pair of skates for you

If you want to choose a pair of skates suitable for you, first you have to decide which type of skating skates you want.

As an ice sport, skating mainly includes three categories: figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating.

Different types of skates are used.

Therefore, you need to understand the characteristics of each item and all kinds of skates: speed skating is the main characteristic of fast speed.

So the speed skating ice knife body is very long, the blade is narrow and flat, so that the ice area is small friction resistance, low waist in order to reduce the body center of gravity, reduce air resistance.

Ice hockey is very confrontative, requires good measures to maintain.

Therefore, the toe of ice hockey shoes is very hard, the waist is high, the upper is very thick, the knife body of the skate knife is very short, with a larger arc in order to facilitate the skater on the ice flexibly move and change the direction of skating.

Figure skating movements are difficult and require higher stability, so the blade is wide with grooves in the middle and the knife body has a curve to facilitate turning, rotation and footwork.

There are teeth in the front of the blade, so as to facilitate jumping and falling ice.

The waist of the shoe is hard and high, which is to protect the ankle joint when falling ice after jumping.

Beginners usually choose figure skating shoes.