Mascara is a cosmetic applied to eyelashes. It belongs to cosmetics. Its main function is to color eyelashes, make eyelashes look thick, long and curly, make eyelashes look neat and beautiful, thus enhancing the charm of eyes.

Classification of mascara.

Mascara or mascara is generally divided into two types, waterproof and water-resistant.

1. Waterproof mascara.

It is mainly because wax base and pigment are dispersed in the system and contain volatile branched hydrocarbons, volatile polydimethylsiloxane, etc., and oily makeup removers are required when removing makeup.

2. water-resistant.

It is mainly made of stearic acid or oleic acid triethanolamine, soap base as the matrix system. This formula has good water resistance, soft touch when applied to eyelashes, easy to remove makeup, and less irritation to eyes.

Clean with water or use ordinary facial cleanser to remove makeup.

Mascara effect.

1. It has the effect of lengthening eyelashes and enlarging eyes.

2. It can bring curl and support to eyelashes.

3. It can improve the support of eyelashes.

The curved shape, especially when we blink and close our eyes, can prevent the oil contact between the upper eyeliner and the lower eyelid, so it is necessary to roll up the eyelashes before brushing mascara.

How to choose the right mascara?

1. There are few eyelashes, and the root of the eye cannot be seen.

The amount of eyelashes is small, and no root can be seen. In this case, the eyelids are usually single and the eyes are small.

Therefore, it is best to choose a curly mascara with a little curly effect and ingredients to ensure the curliness of eyelashes and make them look heavier. It should be noted that the mascara brush you choose should match the length of your eyelashes.

2. The amount of eyelashes is small, and the root can be seen.

If you have a small number of eyelashes but can see the root of eyelashes, it means that your eyes are large and it is easy to see individual eyelashes, but because the number of eyelashes is small, your eyes will lack some charm.

Therefore, when choosing mascara, you should choose thicker mascara to make each eyelash thicker and longer.

You can dip more mascara each time to make the eyelashes dense and thick. When the eyelashes become thick and thick, you can brush them forward along the direction of the eyelashes to make them appear thick and thin.

3. There are too many eyelashes to see the root of the eye.

The amount of eyelashes is large, but the root cannot be seen. This type of eye is generally slender.

In order to increase the charm of eyelashes, each eyelash should be long and curved. It is best to choose lengthening mascara to enhance the presence of eyelashes and make them more eye-catching.

Mascara care.

After using mascara, we should cover it tightly to avoid sun exposure. Keep it in a cool place.

If the mascara is dry, we can add a few drops of hot water and shake it to make it soft and usable.

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