Gifts are items that are exchanged between people in order to express blessings and affection or to show friendship in social interactions.

At the same time, gifts also represent a sense of ritual used to celebrate festivals or important days and are an important carrier for expressing individuality and understanding of others over the years.

From childhood to adulthood, we have all received gifts large and small, from family, friends, and lovers. At each stage, we need to have different gifts, because their existence represents our personality, preferences, current needs, attention to our own feelings, and understanding of life.

Therefore, we need to use a carrier such as gifts, To release personal information, and temperament; to perceive the depth and weight of emotions between people.

Gifts are also divided. Friends of different relationships send different gifts so that both parties have no psychological burden. For gifts to friends, it is better to choose interesting gifts.

Since they are friends, the relationship should be better and more casual. The gifts you choose are of course interesting and good points, making the relationship between friends more easy-going and harmonious; gifts for lovers, lovers, and lovers should be commemorative or romantic gifts.

Frequent, but it is difficult to satisfy both parties. If you buy a good one, people don’t give it often. The price must be very expensive. In the end, it always takes a lot of trouble, but the effect is average. In fact, as long as you prepare carefully, the other party will definitely feel that the gift is not important, but the intention of giving the gift.

But there are also some skills in giving gifts. It doesn't mean that you can give it if you want to give it, and you don't want to give it if you don't want to give it. Because it is not only a gift but also a friendship. Others help you but don't accept gifts, but you must give gifts.

Even if the other party doesn't accept them, you must take certain actions to let others see your sincerity. If the other party doesn't want it, he must remember this favor, and find an opportunity to replace it with favor.

In addition, don't give gifts when asking for gifts, and don't ask for gifts when giving gifts, otherwise, it will appear that you are too utilitarian.

And only asking for help when things are imminent is definitely not as good as those who usually have a good relationship. Finally, the rhythm of gift-giving must be grasped.

If there are fewer gifts, the connection will be broken, and it will be difficult to maintain the relationship after a year. You must know that there are many people who give gifts.

It is much faster to forget a person than to remember a person. In addition, don't give gifts too often, because your wallet can't bear it if you send too many. In addition, we must pay attention to one point, don't show off the gifts you give, and don't show your love to everyone.