Science is never-ending, and people have used this to explore the entire universe, and gradually understand the principles of the birth and development of many things, and can even predict the future destiny of mankind.

On this basis, although there are still many special principles that have not been popularized, more and more people are beginning to explore hidden cold knowledge. The topic of scientific cold knowledge has also attracted people's attention. The following cold knowledge may make people's eyes shine.

The vast majority of people close their eyes when they sneeze. This cold knowledge has not been noticed by people. Because of our unique physiology, the air pressure generated when sneezing can cause trauma to the nerves, and closing your eyes is a form of self-protection. Of course, many animals also sneeze, such as kittens and puppies, which also close their eyes to help the facial muscles relax better.

Only one-fifth of the Sahara Desert is sandy, the rest may be extremely dry land. Deserts are classified according to the lack of rainfall, and Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.

Flamingos themselves are white. Flamingos are not naturally red, because they always eat carotene-rich foods such as algae and shrimp that slowly turn their bodies red.

The magnetic field of the sun changes direction every 11 years. When the magnetic field changes direction, it is the frequent activity period of sunspots, solar flares and solar storms. The particle cloud formed by the explosion at this time will whizz through the solar system. After reaching the earth, it will be brought into the high latitudes by the earth's magnetic field, and then you will see the aurora.

Why do sunflowers always face the sun? The stems of sunflowers contain a wonderful auxin. This growth hormone is very photophobic. When exposed to light, it will turn to the backlit side, and it also stimulates the rapid proliferation of cells on the backlit side. Therefore, the backlit side grows faster than the light-facing side, causing the sunflower to bend phototropically.

The tongue is the toughest muscle in the human body. The tongue is a collection of 8 different muscles that intertwine to build flexible tissue. In a sense, a human tongue is very similar to an elephant's trunk. In addition, we all know that muscles need to be exercised, and you have many opportunities to use your tongue every day, which makes the muscles on the tongue get a good exercise.

Most starfish can regenerate limbs when their bodies are damaged, and some can regenerate entire limbs after losing a limb. However, some can even regrow an entire central body from a single surviving limb. This process can take months to years, during which time the animals are very vulnerable. Some species also use this ability to reproduce.

These unknown knowledge may be inconspicuous, and people rarely turn their attention to related aspects. With the deepening of exploration, more interesting phenomena will be discovered in the future. Scientists believe that the popularity of cold knowledge can help people have more interest in science, thereby providing impetus for related research. This will not only brighten people's eyes, but also increase people's understanding of scientific research and promote more development.