Dressing in winter will naturally face many difficulties. One is to avoid the old-fashioned feeling when choosing styles, and the other is to avoid the risk of inflation in matching. Here are some tips for winter dressing, so you don’t have to worry about lack of inspiration.

The choice of the coat determines the success or failure of the styling, and it is also the most important and influential link in a set of collocations. First of all, it determines the warmth effect presented by the outfit, and secondly, it is also closely related to the fashion sense reflected in the shape. In the use of the coat, it can be measured from the length. The short design has its advantages, and the structure with high effect is more abundant. The short lamb wool coat or down jacket can create the effect of lengthening the legs.

Down jackets can always occupy a large proportion in the wardrobe, especially in winter, it must not be absent. With the existence of down jackets, the clothes will be very warm no matter how they are matched. However, in the use and combination of down jackets, there is also a distinction between high and low fashion sense.

It is recommended that you abandon the down jackets that are too bright in color and replace them with basic and simple-looking types. Down jackets can be invincible in winter by virtue of their powerful thermal effect. Women who wear warm clothes and look heavy can use a short design, which can be perfectly coordinated whether it is matched with skirts or trousers. Ladies who like to wear trousers can fold a cashmere sweater inside, combined with corduroy nine-point straight-leg trousers and short boots, for a casual and modern style.

Color determines people's impression of clothing. The reason why some dark colors look dull is because the color gives them such characteristics. The reason why some light colors can create the young age is the advantage brought by color. If you want to amplify the sense of vitality, use light green, light blue, and white trousers. If you want the overall to be vintage, you can use khaki, camel cotton coat, down jacket, and plaid skirt. Whether you are a lady who likes a fresh style, or want to show your personal aura, you can adopt some fixed matching modes to create such characteristics. At the same time, the twist in the style brought by color cannot be underestimated.

In the selection of bottoms, don't just blindly focus on the pants. In fact, the skirt also has its own reason, which makes women's dress softer and more elegant. Skirts can be based on some basic colors first, and then slowly transition. Using some plaid designs, the existence of plaids is full of retro flavor. Solid color single products, especially popular color skirts, are simple and versatile. Over-the-knee style items are especially popular in winter because they are better able to withstand cold winds and have an extra layer of warmth than short styles.

The basic color of the long coat can be white, khaki, and camel, and the matching skirt design is more diverse. The basic white can be matched with bright red, which is more feminine. For women who have no inspiration for winter clothing, they do not have a clear idea to combine items, which will make the matching of clothing not uniform and harmonious. You can directly apply the template of the long coat + skirt to create a suitable outfit.