Live a leisurely and exquisite slow life with the people you love. Let the house be decorated with flowers and plants, and make the home full of color and fragrance of flowers, which may be the living state that many people yearn for. At home, insert a few simple flowers and plants, place them in the right position according to the decoration style, and choose a good color to instantly make the whole house beautiful, and enhance the warmth and aesthetic style of the family. Sometimes a simple bouquet of flowers can decorate the home with warmth, cuteness and vitality.

Some people say that flower arrangement is an art and a learning. When arranging flowers, you should pay attention to the sense of three-dimensionality and space, and leave blanks to give people room for imagination; when arranging flowers, you should first insert the tall ones, and then the short ones, and pay attention to the distribution of heights. Kapok or Phalaenopsis is usually the best material for flower arrangements; Compositae and Orchidaceae are suitable for gathering together and appear more warm. Everyone's aesthetics and favorite styles are different, as long as they look good, they are the best.

Some flowers are properly placed in the room, so that there are flowers and plants in the house in front of the wall. Even a room with limited space can achieve a considerable beautification effect, so that the flowers and plants that contain life activities can bring fresh breath and interest to the home.

Flowers can also improve the indoor microclimate. Too dry indoors is very bad for human health. Growing some flowers can not only improve indoor air quality, but also increase environmental humidity. Detailed observation can also find that the branches and leaves of indoor plants also help to retain dust and reduce noise.

Here are some recommended flowers for you to grow at home:


Bottle insertion period: about 15 days

The flower language of sunflower is love and loyalty, and the flowering period can last for more than two weeks. Although it does not have the romance of roses and the beauty of peony, sunflowers are sunny and bright, and have their own unique charm. As the most common and long-flowering flower material, sunflower has gradually become the best choice for daily home decoration. The bright colors are super versatile, buy a bunch of sunflowers and keep them at home, I believe you will have a good mood every day.


Bottle insertion period: about 7 days

The flower shape of dahlia is similar to that of peony, the color is magnificent and colorful, and it is endearing. Mexicans regard it as a symbol of generosity and wealth, so they respect it as the national flower. Dahlias are one of the most popular fresh cut flower varieties because of their gorgeous colors and neat petals, and they are often seen in floral works. Of course, it is also a kind of cut flower that is very suitable for home vase, colorful and gorgeous colors, fluttering petals... These beauty of dahlias always make the home full of sunshine-like love.


Bottle insertion period: about 15 days

Small daisies give people the feeling that they are full of vitality and spring, giving people a feeling of innocence, and they are deeply loved by Europeans, so they are recommended by Italy and Denmark as the national flower. At first glance, daisies are completely inconspicuous little flowers, but they are deeply loved by many people. Small daisies have a long flowering period, usually about 15 days, which is very suitable for home water cultivation and makes the home full of vitality!